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200,000th Renault ZOE produced


SCHIPHOL-RIJK – The production of the 200,000th Renault ZOE underlines Renault’s leading role in the EV market. The anniversary model was bought by a Dutch customer, who went to the factory in Flins near Paris to see his car roll off the production line.

Special ceremony

Robin Scholten from Lelieveld Makelaardij in Oisterwijk is the proud owner of the 200,000th Renault ZOE. He and Frans-Jozef Swinkels from Renault dealer Arend Auto Eindhoven travelled to the Renault factory in Flins to see the car come off the production line. During a special ceremony, also attended by the factory staff and management including EV vehicule program management, Robin Scholten symbolically received the key to his new Renault ZOE.

“The production of the 200,000th Renault ZOE underlines Renault’s leading role in the EV segment”

Pushing back boundaries

The new Renault ZOE pushes back boundaries in the compact EV segment. The model is equipped with a powerful 136 hp (100 kW) electric motor and a 52 kWh battery pack. The ZOE can be charged with a speed of up to 22 kW AC (alternating current) at regular charging stations and up to 50 kW DC (direct current) at fast-charging stations. This way, it can get enough power for a range of up to 150 kilometres within 30 minutes. With a fully charged battery, the Renault ZOE reaches an impressive range of 395 km (WLTP).

Available this year with 4% additional tax liability

The new fully electric Renault ZOE is now available for prices starting at € 25,390,- combined with a battery lease. With battery included, the new Renault ZOE is available from € 33,590,-. For more information about the Renault ZOE see .

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