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Renault focust zich nog meer op elektrificatie en waarde boven volume

Persbericht   Renault

    • Renault delivers its rapid shift in the electrified market and strengthens its position in Europe. The E-Tech (EV and hybrid* powertrains) range represents 30% of Renault passenger cars sales in Europe in 2021 (vs 17% in 2020).
      • In Europe, Renault is 3rd brand in the EV PC market, and ZOE ranks 2nd model.
      • Renault EV sales in Europe represent 14%, in an EV market at 10%.
      • Renault is leader in France also in electrified market (EV+Hybrid*).
    • Successful E-Tech hybrid technology supports strong commercial figures.
        Renault implements a selective sales policy favoring growth of higher value business:
      • In the 2nd half of 2021, the retail mix rose by 10 points (vs 1st half of 2021) to reach 50%.
      • The C-segment re-conquest started successfully, with more than 60,000 orders of the Renault Arkana in Europe and 42,000 sales registered since the launch in June 2021. The innovative E-Tech powertrain continues to exceed customer expectations, representing 56% of its sales mix.
    • Renault reaffirms its strategy as a global brand:
      • Markets outside of Europe now represent 44% of sales, (+2 pts vs 2020) with increased focus on profit.
      • Renault recovers the leadership in the LCV European market (15.7% w/o pick-ups) with the successful launches of the all-new Express Van and Kangoo Van.
    • The All-New Kangoo Van was rewarded ‘’2022 International Van of The Year’’.
      • Renault has built a solid and performing base in 2021 and will benefit from it to accelerate its growth on electrification and C-segment, with two major launches: All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric and All-New Austral, to be introduced in 2022.

Renault confirms its rapid shift in the electrified market

Renault confirms its rapid shift towards electrification with an impressive growth of its volume of EV and Hybrid* of +52% in PC sales in Europe. The E-Tech range now represents 30% of Renault passenger car sales in Europe in 2021 in an electrified market representing 26% of the TIV.

In Europe, Renault is on the EV podium in France (leader), in Italy (2nd position) and Germany (3rd position).

Launched in 2012, Renault ZOE maintains its strong position as market leader within the EV segment in France and ranks 2nd in Europe.

When it comes to sales mix of hybrid* passenger vehicles, Renault continues to perform strongly: Clio 19%, Captur 24% and Arkana 56%.

Value first

With the on-going impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of components, Renault implemented a selective sales policy. Worldwide sales reached 1,751,089 units (-6.7% vs 2020) and a market share of 4.7% (-0.6pt vs 2020, TIV without China and North America). In Europe, Renault reached a market share of 7.1% (-0,7pt) at 984,784 units.

In 2021, Renault put in place a strategy of channel mix and pricing optimisation. The retail sales mix gained +10 pts between H1 (40%) and H2 (50%) and with a higher net revenue per vehicle.

Renault focused on positive price-mix development based on a “Value over Volume” strategy. This started prior to the COVID-related inventory shortages – and represents real price-mix progression. The higher net revenue per vehicle benefits from two strong brand’s assets: the E-Tech technology mix sales and the high trim level offer with Arkana RS Line represents 49% of Europe orders and the mix of Intens and RS Line sales combined reaches 86%.

The C-segment re-conquest has also begun successfully thanks to the All-New Renault Arkana. Since its European launch in June, orders have reached more than 60,000 units in Europe including 56% in E-Tech version. C segment sales increased from 22% to 25% of Renault PC total sales.

Renault reaffirms its strategy as a global brand:

Markets outside of Europe now represent 44% of the car manufacturer sales (+2 pts vs 2020) and with more focus on profit. The New Renault Duster launch contributed to the success of our strategy and registered high sales: 41,000 units in Russia (+31% vs 2020), 22,000 units in Brazil (+15% vs 2020), 6,200 sales in Mexico (+55% vs 2020) and 9,100 sales in Colombia (+34% vs 2020).

In India, the All-New Renault Kiger is a success with 29,000 units sold. Already representing 30% of Renault sales, it confirms Renault’s upselling strategy for this market.

For the LCV (w/o pick-ups) market Renault recovers the first European rank with numerous successful launches. A whole new range of LCV offer is now available for our customers, with the All-New Express Van, Kangoo Van and Trafic. The ‘’International Van Of The Year’’ organization awarded the All-New Kangoo Van ‘’2022 Van of The Year’’, recognizing the strengths of the Renault Light Commercial Vehicle Business Unit.

In Europe, the LCV market share reached 15.7% (+1 pt vs 2020 w/o pick-ups). Renault is ranking 1st in Small Vans segment and 2nd in Medium/Large Vans segment.

Renault remains the undisputed LCV leader in France with 124,700 sales and 28,8% of market share with its three best sellers: Renault Master, Renault Trafic and Renault Kangoo Van.

Renault brand Sales and Operations Senior Vice President Fabrice Cambolive concludes:

‘’I would like to thank our business partners and sales teams for achieving such impressive results, despite the adverse market conditions. Renault was able to achieve 1 out of 3 sales on E-Tech and 1 out of 2 sales in the retail channel. Renault benefits from strong successes in 2021 to confirm its positive path to win back its position in the C-segment, through the upcoming launches of the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric and All-New Austral. We look at 2022 with the ambition to go forward, pushing with a consistent product portfolio and business approach.’’

* Includes Hybrid (HEV) and Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV), excludes Mild-Hybrid (MHEV)


* Perimeter = w/o China


* Perimeter = Renault + RSM and PC+LCV


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